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3rd Ward

195 Morgan Ave., Brooklyn, NY  11237 (Jump to map)
About 3rd Ward

3rd Ward is a 20,000 sq. ft. workspace and studio facility for artists & creative professionals, located in East Williamsburg.

Our facility was formed based on the needs of contemporary artists and creatives whose work is often multidisciplinary. 3rd Ward is an ├╝ber-studio environment that is cost-effective and provides open-source access to space, facilities, and equipment while still addressing personal and private work needs. By helping artists pursue professional careers and creative projects, 3rd Ward is spearheading a movement that aims to create a permanent artist community in Brooklyn.

Our space includes a photo studio, wood shop, metal shop, dance studio, audio/music recording & rehearsal studio, digital media lab, post production suite, conference room, large shared office space, and computer lab.

Our facility is designed to be used for private rentals, on a per-project basis, for continuing education, for group work, and more. Because we are member-supported, 3rd Ward proves that you don’t have to spend a lot of money to have the best technology, resources, and equipment at your fingertips.