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511 Gallery

529 W 20th Street, Suite 8 West, New York, NY  10011 (Jump to map)
About 511 Gallery

We are a gallery of contemporary art, whose focus is to show emerging artists from the United States and abroad who work in the various media of painting, sculpture, photography, and installation art. The gallery curates eight to ten solo exhibitions each year, as well as a group thematic show for the months of July and August.

Artist Roster

Jocelyne Alloucherie, Miroslav Antic, Mark Coope, Alain Ernst, Jason Buchanan, Larry Dinkin, Allison Hunter, Anna Ferrer, Vaughan Judge, Mary Fisher, Bryan LeBoeuf, Brian Gershey, Lucy Levene, Catriona Grant, Maro Michalakakos, Kenneth Hale, Marian Moratinos, Pouran Jinchi, Jennifer Odem, Andrew Krieger, Romaine Orthwein, Leslie Lerner, Lesley Punton, Jane Manus, Susanne Ramsenthaler, Karen Margolis, Viviane Silvera, Caitlin Masley, Élène Tremblay, Mark Mennin