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Alexandre Gallery

41 East 57th Street, 13th Fl., New York, NY  10022 (Jump to map)
About Alexandre Gallery

Alexandre Gallery represents and exhibits contemporary American artists and specializes in works by early 20th century American artists, with a focus on the Stieglitz Group. Publisher of contemporary prints and photographs. Alexandre Fine Art, Inc. established 1996.

Consignment and sale of works by early twentieth-century modernists and gallery represented artists is actively pursued. Of particular interest are works by Stieglitz Group artists including, Oscar Bluemner, Arthur Dove, Marsden Hartley, John Marin and Georgia O’Keeffe. Please contact the gallery for further information and appraisal services.

Artist Roster

Adele Alsop, Arthur Dove, Milton Avery, Will Barnet, Charles Sheeler, Niles Spencer, Brett Bigbee, James Cambronne, Lois Dodd, Loren MacIver, Melville McLean, Tom Uttech, Neil Welliver, Philip Evergood, Willem de Kooning, Ralston Crawford, Marsden Hartley, O’Keeffe, John Marin, Stuart Davis, Robert Henri, Philippe Alexandre, Vincent Smith, Stuart Davis, Robert Henri