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Andrea Meislin Gallery

526 West 26th Street, Suite 214, New York, NY  10001 (Jump to map)
About Andrea Meislin Gallery

Andrea Meislin Gallery opened in March 2004 in the Chelsea neighborhood of New York City with a concentration on contemporary Israeli photography. Our premier exhibition was produced in cooperation with ARTis: Israeli Art Week in New York, and Sotheby’s New York’s first-ever sale of art from Israel. The gallery’s objective is to specialize in representing contemporary photo-based art, and to support emerging photographers through both one-person and thematic exhibitions. We are dedicated to promoting artists from around the world, with a particular commitment to those living and working in Israel.

Artist Roster

Lili Almog, Daniel Bauer, Jean-Christian Bourcart, Rina Castelnuovo, Ofri Cnaani, Barry Frydlender, Michal Heiman, Vardi Kahana, Leora Laor, Stephen Roach, Andrea Stern, Yuval Yairi