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Andrew Edlin Gallery

Andrew Edlin
529 West 20th Street, 6th Floor, New York, NY  10011 (Jump to map)
About Andrew Edlin Gallery

Andrew Edlin Gallery opened in 2001 with a focus on artists whose work “reveals a radically individualistic vision.” The gallery handles work by both self-taught and academically trained contemporary artists, and represents the Henry Darger Estate exclusively. It also handles the work of such renowned visionary art-makers as Adolf Wölfli (1864-1930), Martin Ramirez (1880-1964) and Hans Krüsi (1920-1995). In addition to the estate of the American wood-carver Albert Hoffman (1915-1993), the gallery represents Vahakn Arslanian, Tom Duncan, Paul Edlin, Marc Lamy, Michael Ryan, Linda Carmella Sibio, and John Spinks among others. 

In its work with the Darger estate (beginning in 2006), the gallery will present original shows in its New York space and work with museums and institutions around the world on Darger-related exhibitions, research initiatives and publishing projects. The gallery will oversee the sale of remaining works held by the estate and the production of a forthcoming catalogue raisonné of Darger’s works. It will serve as the main point of contact for all inquiries regarding the artist and the estate.

Artist Roster

Vahakn Arslanian, Henry Darger , Mario Del Curto, Tom Duncan, Paul Edlin, Etta Ehrlich, Brent Green, Albert Hoffman, Marc Lamy, Michael Ryan, Linda Carmella Sibio, John Spinks, Charles Steffen