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Brooklyn Children’s Museum

145 Brooklyn Avenue, Brooklyn, NY  11213 (Jump to map)
About Brooklyn Children’s Museum

A pioneer in education, the Brooklyn Children’s Museum was the first museum created expressly for children when it was founded in 1899. Its success has sparked the creation of 300 children’s museums around the world. With award-winning, hands-on exhibits and innovative use of its collections, the Museum engages children from pre-school to high school in learning adventures. It is the only children’s museum in New York State to be accredited by the American Association of Museums.

THE MUSEUM’S MISSION: The mission of the Brooklyn Children’s Museum is to engage children in educational experiences through innovation and excellence in exhibitions, programs, and use of its collection. The Museum encourages children to develop an understanding of and respect for themselves, others and the world around them by exploring cultures, the arts, science and the environment.

EXPANDING SPACE = EXPANDING MINDS: With a total of 102,000 square feet after the expansion—nearly double its current space—Brooklyn Children’s Museum will be well-equipped to provide 21st century learning adventures for growing numbers of children from the neighborhoods of Brooklyn, from the greater New York metropolitan region and beyond. The Museum will be able to serve 400,000 visitors a year—up from 250,000—and will have the capacity to host several groups of schoolchildren and the general public at the same time. The Museum will also incorporate the latest innovations in high performance architecture—and is slated to be the first “green” children’s museum in the country.