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CODA Gallery

Connie and David Katz, Owners
472 Broome Street, New York, NY  10003 (Jump to map)
About CODA Gallery

A good gallery is far more than the sum of its parts.

It is a creation, no less than the artworks it holds, that embodies the tastes, the motives, the inspirations—in short, the spirit of its creators.

The spirit of CODA, and of its creators, Connie and David Katz, is rooted in warmth and admiration for their artists and delight in the creative process. It is deeply, remarkably personal. For David and Connie, the joy of selling art is the pleasure of knowing and nurturing artists; the excitement of watching creative people evolve; the satisfaction of sharing works they find beautiful with others who feel the same way.

Not surprisingly, given this very personal sensibility, the artists at CODA are an extraordinary group. They are young and old, men and women, some celebrated, others not yet famous. What these diverse artists share, in addition to a virtuoso mastery of their craft, is a commitment to art that is immediately, viscerally pleasurable. And of course, an abiding tie to CODA.

It is in the spirit of that tie that Connie and David are pleased to introduce you to a few of the many wonderful artists of CODA.