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Galapagos Art Space

Robert Elmes, Director
70 North Sixth Street , Brooklyn, NY  11211 (Jump to map)
About Galapagos Art Space

The most basic function of the arts is to be relevant in the advancement of society.

Galapagos does not accept government grants or public funding of any kind. We believe that if the work we present is strong, communicative, and effective, we will survive.

If we don’t produce strong, communicative and effective work then we won’t survive—we’re not feeding the hungry: we make art. If we can’t be grown-up about that and stand up on our own, then we don’t think we’d have anything interesting to tell you anyway.

This is New York City. One of the greatest cultural cities to have ever risen; perhaps the greatest. We’re not sitting around dreaming of the grant we applied for.

We have our whole lives to live and that is terribly important.

Culture should reflect that clearly.