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Galeria Galou

Patricia Cazorla, Director
237 Kent Avenue, Brooklyn, NY  11211 (Jump to map)
About Galeria Galou

Galería Galou is an exhibition space created in 2003 with the purpose of supporting primarily emergent artists local and international. Multiculturalism and attention to diverse media are quintessential elements in the work exhibited at and by the artists represented by Galeria Galou. Galería Galou thrives as an exhibition space in which art work and viewer interact and communicate amidst a multisensorial experience.

The gallery is also an open space for freedom of the art forms and it’s concept. Fundraising for exhibitions, related to Digital art and Video Art is one of the future goals. Eventually to have the possibility of a teaching curriculum where well known artists and emergent will exchange ideas, knowledge and experiences.

Art promotion is and will be the main focus of Galería Galou, where the public, art and cultural exchanges find a common ground.

Artist Roster

Uli Brahmst, Ariadna Capasso, Patricia Cazorla , Mariano Del Rosario, Daniel Garde, Rodolfo Graziano, Kay Gordon, Susan Hoeltzel, Elisa Nadzieja, Leonor Mendoza, Yucef Merhi , Tomomi Ono, Lucia Pizzani, Alfredo Ramirez, Jaime Ruiz Otis, Nancy Saleme, Charles J. Seplowin, Hisayasu Takashio, Masaki Takizawa, Treuka, Alejandra Villasmil